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Astrological Shenanigans and an Ode to Ares

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Well Witchlings,

Tonight is a special night! It's a full blood moon, the longest lunar eclipse of the century, Mercury goes into retrograde and Mars is the closest (and most visible) it's been to us in a century. You can be assured that magic is afoot!

Whether this energy brings you blessings or challenges, it will swing to the extreme.

If it's challenges for you, my best advice is not to fight the energy, go with the flow. Really pay attention to what the energy is highlighting for you. If you are not being realistic with yourself and holding on to illusions (read delusions) this will be a really tough one for you.

Now is the time to draw on that strong Mars energy and find the courage to face your fears and break the illusions.

Speaking of Mars, those attuned to that planet and/or are connected to the god Ares will really be feeling fired up. I am one such person and wow! The creative energy, confidence and drive is just flowing today! I have been feeling Ares strongly all week and today the energy is overwhelming.

All that fiery energy definitely has some draw backs such as heightened aggression. I've helped to balance out the energy by drawing on Hecate, Goddess of many things but most notably wisdom and insight.

As a chosen of Ares, I honour him with this Ode:

Ares, mighty god of war

with flashing eyes and deafening roar your battle cry chills even the sturdiest of hearts. Martial Lord you are the frenzy of battle the bloodlust of the hoard You bolster our courage and feed our drive toward victory. Lord of the Dance With passion and fury you thrust deep with your lance making us bleed our weakness away strengthening our hearts against our enemies. Instinctual and primal you stand aloft you sneer at our fear and hate yet with lips so soft you whisper courage in my ear Arming me with your touch.


By Alicia D'Avalon

Have a blessed night and I wish you blessings through these astrological shenanigans!

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