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A Full Moon Spell for Troubled Times

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The full moon in June is called the Strawberry, Honey, Mead or Rose Moon ( I prefer Rose Moon as roses are very special to me). This moon is strongly linked to water (rains, storms and fishing is common around this time of year), and sweet loving emotions.

The June 2020 full moon occurs on Friday, June 5, at 3:12PM ET.

We are currently experiencing very turbulent times. Most of us, even those of us with little energy awareness, have felt the effects of the paradigm changes that have been taking place in our society. Even though many of these changes are necessary for progress, the chaos and turmoil is heart breaking.

For this full moon working I would like to harness the watery, loving energy of this moon to focus on empathy: the ability to feel, understand and relate to the emotions of others.

The more people that do this spell for this full moon the better. You can do this spell anytime in the next few days leading up to Friday's full moon (ideally, the spell is best done before 3:15PM ET on Friday, June 5th).

A Full Moon Spell for Troubled Times

(You can record the instructions and use it as a guided mediation)

You will need:

  • A chalice or drinking glass

  • Drinkable water / honey water (honey in water) / mead

  • A Rose Quartz and/or Moonstone (Optional)

Fill the chalice (or drinking glass) with the drinkable water or mead. Sit in a comfortable position and hold the chalice/glass between your hands. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. One for the past, one for the present, one for the future.

Draw down the moon into your chalice/glass: Visualize the Full Rose Moon shining and full above you (if you can see the physical full moon, stare into it). Then visualize the moon floating down into the cup, it's power infusing the liquid inside it.

Then focus on the liquid. Think about water. How we all need it to live. How much we all use it everyday. How the human body is made up of mostly water. How we were all born from the water of our mothers' wombs. How the human race once emerged from the primordial waters. How water connects us all. Ask the Spirit of Water to infuse your liquid.

Then visualize your own power, coming from deep within your belly, travelling up your spine, through your chest, down your arms and through your hands into the chalice/glass, mingling with the energies of water and the moon, creating a powerful elixir.

Reach into the elixir with your consciousness. Connect with the aspect of water that connects us all and rules the emotions. Let the power of the elixir slip into that connection with the intention of awakening empathy. Awake empathy in the hearts of those filled with hate, in the hearts of the oppressors and those that support them. Let the power of the elixir dissolve the illusion that they are separate or above those they discriminate against.


By the power and grace of the Moon,

Lift the veil and make them see.

By mirrored lake and wild monsoon,

You see yourself in me.

Visualize the empathy blooming like a rose in the hearts in everyone the elixir reaches, in all of humankind, overpowering hate and fear.

When you feel like you've sent out as much of the elixir's energy as you are able, bring your consciousness and power gently back into your own body, and drink the liquid in your chalice/glass.

Seal the spell by saying:

For the highest good of all, so mote it be!

Thank and release the Moon and the Spirit of Water.

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