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Full Moon / New Year Giveaway!!!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

In celebration of the last Full Moon of the year and seeing the end of 2020, I'm doing a Full Moon / New Year's GIVEAWAY!!! 🌕

When I saw the snake (one of my power animals) and the gold on matte black (like the tiger, my other power animal!), I immediately ordered the amazing new 13 Month ELAPHE Planner from! I love it so much I've decided to gift one to one lucky follower on my instagram! (Planner is suitable for the Northern Hemisphere).

The ELAPHE 2021 Planner Features:

- 13 Months (From January 2021 to January 2022).

- Yearly Moon calendar for 2021.

- 2 Monthly Layouts.

- A journal/workbook on how to transform and evolve through the moon and zodiac magic.

- Workbook dedicated to each zodiac sign for every month.

- Weekly affirmations, astronomical and astrological events, and moon phases.

- The monthly layout on each month, with moon phases and celestial events.

- Monthly affirmations and moon actions.

- End of the month workbook and reflection.

To enter:

- Tag 3 people in the comments on the instagram post

- Make sure you're following the instagram page @arcaneshaman

Winner will be drawn on New Years!!! Good luck!!! 🤞🎉

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