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Arcane Shaman explores spirituality, witchcraft, shamanism and wellness on a global scale, in all its forms and nuances, in hopes that you find inspiration for your own journey. Arcane Shaman explores these topics through practical, theological, academic, philosophical, diverse, inclusive and decolonial lenses.


A Shaman is defined as

a person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds.

Spirituality is about

personal growth, health, and wellness.


It’s about creating balance and harmony within yourself and in the world.


It’s about opening the heart and mind and connecting to the divine (whatever form that takes for you).


Alicia D'Avalon is a 3rd degree Wiccan priestess with over 20 years experience in the Craft. She is the Founder and High Priestess of the Temple of the Phoenix and the Rose and Thorn Tradition of Witchcraft. 

Alicia holds formal training and degrees in several different magical traditions including:

Afro & Indigenous-Caribbean Traditions

Core Shamanism

Temple of Witchcraft Tradition

Odyssean Wiccan Tradition

Star Sapphire Wiccan Tradition

Pagans for Peace Tradition

Crescent Moon School

Ordo Magi Operis

Kemetic Orthodoxy & Kemetism

M.A. in Anthropology

B.A. in Religion & Culture

(Women, Gender & Sexuality Designation)

B.A. in Near Eastern Archaeology

Certified Holistic Energy Practitioner

(designation includes certification to the master degree in several energy healing modalities such as Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra and Chi cleansing and balancing, and Meditation Therapy.)

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

(herbalism, aromatherapy, spiritual counselling and life coaching)

Alicia D'Avalon is also

a mother, spouse, entrepreneur, writer, and performance artist with a mixed, Caribbean background.

Alicia is currently pursuing a M.Div. in Pastoral Counseling & Chaplaincy in Earth-Based Spiritualities.

Join Alicia as she explores spirituality from the perspective of a Taino (Indigenous Caribbean) shamanic witch.

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