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Dark Moon Ritual August 2020

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The Dark Moon is a time of rest, reflection and the peak of waning/banishing energy. The end of August will mean back to school and work for many, yet so many of us are feeling drained, anxious and de-motivated due to everything that has been going on this year.

This Dark Moon is a great opportunity to cast aside the energies that have darkened your outlook, drained your energy, and have dampened your passion and motivation.

You will need:

- A black candle (White can be used if you don't have black)

- Paper to journal/draw on.

- A fireproof container

- banishing oils & herbs and stones (optional)

Find a time and space where you won't be interrupted.

Cast circle/sacred space in your way, it is best to have your circle extend to envelop your whole home, if appropriate, so you have space to move around as your candle burns. (Feel free to dress/anoint your candle with banishing & cleansing oils & herbs and surround it with any banishing/grounding stones.)

Take a few breaths and ground and center yourself.

Meditate/reflect on the things/energies/emotions that are weighing you down, holding you back, and draining your energy and motivation.

Allow the feelings and thoughts to surface but do not hold onto them. Let them flow through you and channel them into the paper through journaling or creating art (drawing/painting/collage,etc).

This is a ritual of release and letting go so feel free to cry, rant, scream into a pillow, etc if you need to.

When you are finished your art/journaling take 3 deep, cleansing breaths and light the black candle. Focus on expelling energies of apathy, exhaustion, anxiety, and insecurity from yourself and your life.

Then light the paper with your journalling/art from the candle while chanting softly "By the dark of the moon I banish thee". Quickly place the paper in the fireproof container.

As you watch the paper burn, allow the flames to bring feelings of warmth, healing and rising passion to replace the feelings that you are banishing.

As the candle burns down give yourself time to rest, relax and focus on releasing the things that no longer serve you. Maybe take a cleansing bath or shower.

When both the candle and the paper have burned out, mix the remains with salt and water. Close your circle/sacred space and bury the mixture in the ground outside.

Blessed Dark Moon to you all!!!

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