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Full Moon in Leo 2021

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The first Full Moon of 2021 is on this Thursday, January 28th! Here is some info on the energies and correspondences to aid you in your Full Moon workings and rituals:

January's Full Moon in Leo:

Names: Wolf Moon, Old Moon, Quiet Moon, Guardian Moon.

This January Full Wolf Moon is in Leo and falls over a very fortunate alignment of Jupiter with the Sun. This energy brings a lot of potential for opportunities, abundance, manifestation and expansion of personal gifts and talents.

This Leo full moon is square Mars and opposite Jupiter. This energy brings passion, enthusiasm, and courage, but also brings a tendency toward anger, recklessness, and overconfidence. Focus on using self-control and discipline to harness that Mars energy towards fueling you towards your goals.

This is a particularly good moon for identifying obstacles in your path and for ridding yourself of things that are bad for you or you no longer need. This inner work is vital because to be able to manifest your dreams & goals you first have to become aware of those blocks and perceptions that have been holding you back. This full moon’s energy will aid in precisely that.

Historical Significance: This moon gets its name from the sound of the wolf packs howling hungrily outside villages in the deep of winter.

Keywords & Themes: Identify & clear blocks or obstacles in your subconscious mind that keeps you from manifesting your higher self, anger management, and channeling your fiery emotions into achieving your goals.

Reflection Questions: Have I been arrogant, egotistical, vain, pushy or pompous? Have I been expressing myself creatively enough? In which ways do I allow myself to reset emotionally? Have I shown myself enough self-love? What makes me special?

Symbols: Lions, Wolves, Spear

Astrological Bodies: The Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Colours: Red, Gold/Yellow, White

Stones: Amber, Citrine, Diamond, Kunzite, Pyrite, Rutilated Quartz, Topaz

Metal: Gold or Brass

Plants: Nutmeg, Rosemary

Trees: Birch, Cypress

Foods: Cinnamon, Cranberries, Fennel, Horseradish, Passion Fruit, Persimmons,

Animals: Wolves, Felines, Horses

Scent: Frankincense, Dragon’s Blood, Cinnamon

Tools: Candle, Athame, Sword

Tarot Cards: The Chariot, Knight/Prince of Wands

Rune: Sowilo

Deities and Spirits: Adekagagwaa, Anahita, Ares/Mars, Bast, Bellona, Bishamon, Brigid, Enyo, Guatauva, Inanna, Ogun, Oya, Sekhmet, Shango, Thor, Zeus/Jupiter

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